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Advice on your house net project


This section describes all you need to know about our indoor or outdoor hammock floor nets! Check out the topics of interest and let us guide you allong the way. Our teams are also at your disposal for any questions or specific quotation requests. Contact us through our contact form page and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Komorebi-Nets Hammock floors for homes

Komorebi-nets and our concept

A little history on these nets used as giant custom-made hammocks…
Komorebi is a Japanese term referring to the sun’s rays coming through the leaves of trees. Our nets are used today for the same purpose!

Light and comfort are the main advantages of a loft net. You create new and very pleasant living spaces, while keeping the natural light source of the room below.

History on where this use of nets comes from

For more than ten years, catamaran nets have been used to create comfortable and safe spaces to link the two front hulls. These nets were originally used to secure the gap between two boat hulls. Today, they are very successful in the field of interior design and decoration.
Most often installed as an extension to a mezzanine or terrace, hammock floor nets can also be found in children’s rooms or in the attic. Lie down, relax, read, play… Everyone creates their own space according to their needs and wishes!

In order to simplify access to these custom-made products, komorebi-nets offers simple and standard online purchasing, while integrating the specific characteristics of each project (size and usuage). Your komorebi-nets are made to the exact measurements of your empty space (frame inner void) to be filled, for a perfect fit once stretched. Very easy to install, it is possible to fix your net with a DIY approach, for personnal domestic use.

The advantages of a catamaran type net

  • Komorebi-nets for the home are very strong and made to measure.
  • This solution allows you to create a new, bright living space with a komorebi design touch.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance.
  • An indoor our outdoor hamock floor net project comes cheaper than a glass floor.
  • These loft nets can be used occasionally as a reading and relaxation area or as an extra bed.
  • Komorebi-nets products are perfect for a contemporary and safe interior design.

Where to put a catamaran net in your house

In recent years, home owners and architects have largely taken up this trend and are innovating every day to integrate these nets into their design projects.

  • The most common indoor use is as a mezzanine net. It fills a void in the mezzanine extension as a relaxation net and keeps the light in the living room.
  • The komorebi net in cathedral roof type, with high ceilings. Some houses have high roofs with high ceilings. Interior nets allow the impression of ceiling height to be maintained while optimising space. The net is sometimes accessed using a small ladder by leaving a square corner opening in one edge of the net
  • In a child’s or guest’s room. Our loft nets can be used as an extra bed or reading area on structures similar to mezzanine beds. In this case, a vertical net should be placed around the edges to prevent falls.
  • In attic and roof conversions. Our komorebi-nets are a very practical solution. Do you have unused attic space? All that is required is to create a structural frame in the attic floor and install a custom-made net inside it.
  • Close to the stairs case landing on the higher floor level. Often the floor next to a staircase is only used as a landing space to dispatch passage to the other rooms. By installing a hammock floor net, you can optimise this traffic area by giving it a new purpose.

Komorebi-nets outside

  • The most common use is to integrate the net into a wooden frame or masonry deck. This gives you a giant, easy-care hammock that is always ready for your summer naps.
  • A must for the outdoor hotel industry. Some tourism professionals install one or two nets per hotel room or bungalow to enjoy a relaxing view. The marine quality of our nets allows them to be used on the edge of heavenly lagoons in the Maldives or in the DOM TOM.
  • Close to a pool. Rather than using a simple deckchair, the suspended net for drying and browning will add a fresh and playful touch.
  • In outdoor patios. The nets allow you to create new spaces between the walls of your house, or as an extension of the garage roof.

For more details and pricing, check out our hammock floor made to measure.

Which net to choose?

Our Catamaran Mesh Types

Catamaran nets have specific features that are perfectly suited for use as loft nets.

It is the perfect compromise between net weight, strength and durability in extreme conditions. They are designed to withstand intensive exposure to UV and sea water.

Very open-worked, they are made to let the water of the waves pass through. Their knotless braided mesh offers a lot of comfort, unlike rope nets. For indoor and outdoor use, always avoid knotted meshes!

In the last 10 years, the use of these nets has naturally been diverted to become an essential element in the field of home furnishing.

The ideal meshes are 15 mm or 30 mm. Beyond 30 mm, the net will be less comfortable and less suitable for walking or napping.

30mm Braided Mesh, The Light Standard

These are the standard meshes found on almost all catamarans and the preferred size for our customers. They let in a lot of light and are comfortable.

The big advantage is the transparency of these nets, which are easilly forgotten once installed, as a see through floor. For rooms with high ceilings, create a very open living space that will bring in lots of light.

In the spirit of relaxation, for naps or family nights, our customers add a blanket or a sleeping bag.

See our made to measure hammock floor.

15mm Knotless Mesh, The Best Choice For Most Comfort!

This mesh is very popular for layouts where comfort is a priority.

With a tighter mesh, you get the feel of textile hammocks.

Our luxury hotel clients install these nets on their terraces as a refreshing deck for relaxing by the pool.

Families also opt for this mesh for a playful suspended bedroom. For naps, as a guest bed or for play, smaller meshes are safer for young children. Imagine yourself on a floating carpet, they love it!

See our made to measure hammock floor.

Polyester (PE) or Polyamide (PA)?

Komorebi-Nets manufactures and supplies catamaran nets made of high tenacity polyamide and marine grade polyester for nautical and residential use. Our materials can therefore be used indoors or outdoors. A little understanding of the material, we explain…

The braided or knotless polyester net will be suitable for very large nets of more than 20m² with limited elongation. It is often used in a tighter 15 mm mesh because the weight implies more material per square metre with more stretch potential.

Our “high tenacity” polyamide nets have mechanical properties very close to those of high end polyester based nets and offer the same advantages at a better price/quality ratio: load resistance, low elasticity and their reaction to water and UV is very good. This is THE standard you will find on most catamarans or multihull boats.

There are other more technical materials than polyester (PE) or “high tenacity” polyamide (PA) such as “Dyneema”, but their prices become unreasonably high, and for much less comfort as threads become thiner for the same required resistance.

Braided knotless mesh or knotted mesh?

Much more important than the choice of fabric between polyamide or polyester, is the quality of the braising which is key.

A knotted net will generally have little elasticity, but will be very uncomfortable and often have a mesh size greater than 30 mm. Should you wish to have anice comfort and feeling of touch, you should avoid nets with knots, as the knots are felt as little hard balls under the skin.

Braided knotless netting is more complicated to produce and work with. It is therefore more expensive and comes in varying qualities.

Our komorebi-nets have a proven braiding with knotless results, initially developped for catamaran use with low stretch and high life span. This is largely due to their tighter wire braiding and optimised braid diameter.

Order your custom-made net online

Our Carefree Package

The carefree package contains:

  • your custom-made net,
  • the exact quantity of stainless steel fixtures to anchor your net to your supporting frame,
  • the length of rope needed to lace and stretch your net.

To order your hammock floor net as acarfree package on our website:

  1. On our product page chose the net specs that suit you: dimensions, mesh size and colour.
  2. Therefore please enter the exact dimensions of the inner edge of your rectangular frame.
  3. Set the respective checkboxes at the tab “Fixings” for “Add eye screws?” and “Add tension rope?”
  4. Follow and finish the online order process and we will make your hammock floor net to measure within 10 to 15 days. Worldwide delivery.

The size of the net will be reduced in our production calculations compared to your void dimensions, for an optimal stretched result once installed. The net will be 5 cm to 10 cm shorter on each side to give you the possibility of tightening it over time, if needed.

See our custom loft net containing the option for all installation accessories.

Our Net Without Fixings

Would you like to order your own net without fixture and without rope? It is also possible. All you have to do is to fill in your measurements, mesh and colour preferences and untick the respective checkboxes for fixings. Continue the ordering process to validate your order.

We will help you choose this product by indicating the quantity of fasteners and ropes required for a successful catamaran type installation when you order.

See our loft net product page with optional installation accessories.

Measuring The Inside Of Your Frame

When purchasing online, please specify the dimensions of your void inner space so that we can manufacture the net to your exact measurements.

To take your frame measurements, all you need is a measuring tape.

The measurements needed to make your net are those of the inner space of the frame for a given shape. We make a slightly smaller custom-made net by our calculations, for a perfect result once the indoor or outdoor hammock floor net is stretched.


Write down your measurements in cm width and length from edge to edge from the inside of the frame.

Other Shapes And Cut-Outs

For all other shapes or specificities such as a chimney or ladder passage. All you have to do is send us a sketch by e-mail. We will send you a specific quotation by e-mail so that you can place your order online.

See our special shapes quotation form

Which supporting structure?

What is a frame or supporting structure?

What we call “frame” is the supporting structure on which you can anchor your indoor or outdoor net. The principle is simple. To stretch a catamaran net at home, you need a frame or supporting structure around the gap you want to fill. The frames are often made of wood, but can also be made of solid cement, concrete or metal. The important thing is to have a solid result that can support the load you want on your hammock floor net.

On which frame should you install your custom-made net?

For a successful installation, it is key to know how to size the supporting frame according to the load it can withstand both horizontally and vertically. The use of catamaran netting as an interior or deck net is not certified nor reguated as a construction element and this product is to be considered as a custom-made equipment for which installation and use are under the responsibility of the installer and the user. The dimensioning of the supporting frame is essential for the safe loading of the custom-made net.

What strength do I need for the frame, how do I size or lay my frame?

With the catamaran installation method, the fixtures, ropes and nets are very strong and can support more than a ton spread over the net.

As a precautionary measure, we advise against putting more than 500 kg on your net, which corresponds to the usual use of a few people.

When tensioned and with weight on it, the frame undergoes horizontal and vertical forces proportional to the load on the net and its tensioning force. It is usually the frame that is the limiting component for knowing the acceptable load on the net.

komorebi-nets is a specialist in the manufacture of custom-made catamaran nets. In this sense, komorebi-nets does not provide a structural study, nor does it give instructions on the dimensioning of your frame. The dimensioning and installation of the frame is usually done by our customers themselves or by craftsmen/architects. To test the strength of a frame, it is recommended that the net is statically and dynamically loaded before use and that you are accompanied by a building professional or design office/inspection office to certify its strength.

Which fixtures on which frames?

On a catamaran the net anchor points are distributed and spaced between 10 cm and 20 cm depending on the model. komorebi-nets provides its customers with the necessary quantities to obtain a fixture every 15 cm for their frame size. Each fixture must be able to withstand 200 kg of pull-out and shear force individually.

There are several fixture solutions depending on the frame material, the important thing is to take into account the following elements:

  • the anchoring is done at least every 15 cm on the inner perimeter of the frame. (Entraxe <or= 15 cm)
  • The eye of the fixture must be closed so that the rope cannot easily come loose.
  • The eye of the fixture must allow the 10 mm diameter rope to pass through twice to facilitate the knots at the start or end of the lacing.
  • Each fixture must be able to withstand a pull-out and shear force of at least 200 daN (200 Kg).

Contact us to study your tailor-made project.

Installation of a catamaran net

The simple and proven method of installing a catamaran net

The principle is simple, stretch a net in a void or hole, with the help of tension ropes independent of the net.

To stretch or lace a net all the way around, regular anchor points are needed all around the net. The structural periphery is called the “frame” or “supporting structure”.

There are several possible types of lacing to tighten the net. Komorebi-nets brings forward as an example a simple way to implement it.

See our dedicated section to find out more about the catamaran installation type of house net stretching method.

Discover our step-by-step Installation section.

What norms for residential use?

A non-certified or regulated product under the responsibility of the installer and user

In the absence of described norms for this use, our customers install their loft nets using the same lacing techniques as those used to stretch nets between two catamaran hulls.

By using the komorebi-nets catamaran net as a Interior hammock floor, our customers fill in empty spaces for anti-fall use. There are currently no norms for regular and repeated use of a catamaran net fall arrest system. The misuse of this equipment is done under the vigilance and supervision of our customers themselves.

The custom-made komorebi-nets are a piece of equipment not subject to a ten-year guarantee.

Its technical components do not yet allow it to be used in accordance with the rules of construction in the broadest sense, such as fire resistance or load resistance equivalent to a traditional floor on which furniture would be placed, for example.

It does not currently comply with the norms imposed for the construction of establishments receiving the public or any other construction of this type.

It is recommended to seek prior guidance and validation from a professional (such as a project control body), to install or use this type of net equipment in the following situations:

  • establishments receiving the public
  • buildings, spaces or collective parts subject to specific rules or norms, such as
    • office space
    • playgrounds,
    • water basins
    • work safety structures
    • etc.

For more information, please consult our GTC and T&C.

Maximum load and use of a catamaran net

Maximum recommended weight on a net

Catamaran nets are very strong and can support several tons. However, as a precautionary measure, the catamaran industry recommends a limit of use proportional to the crew on board a catamaran. With this in mind, Komorebi-nets recommends a maximum limit of 100 Kg per m² of net with a maximum limit of 500 Kg spread over custom-made nets of over 5 m². This limit is also given in order not to undersize its supporting frame.

To have the actual load limits of your installation checked, you can have a professional such as an inspection body test and certify your custom-made installation.

Instructions for use on catamaran nets

  • Do not get on a net that looks damaged or improperly installed
  • Check the general condition of the indoor or outdoor net before each use:
    • Condition of the meshes without breakage
    • Good condition of the bolt rope
    • Condition of the tension rope and well anchored knots
    • Condition of fixtures well anchored
    • Condition of the rigid and structural support frame
  • Maximum recommended distributed load 100 Kg per m² with a maximum limit of 500 Kg per net.
  • Do not jump on the net
  • The net is a space for quiet activities such as reading, napping, sharing, not for use as a play area
  • Protecting the net’s surroundings from falls when climbing up or down the net
  • Do not leave children alone on or around the net
  • Take care not to drop objects through the mesh
  • Do not allow unsupervised children access to the net
  • Do not leave any hot spots near or in contact with the indoor or outdoor net
  • Do not cut the loft net
  • Do not place loads or objects permanently on the net
  • Do not consider the net as a conventional floor, so do not lay furniture or other items on it which could damage or cut it

For more information, please consult our GTC and T&C.

Maintenance and guarantees

Care and maintenance of your net

The maintenance of your komorebi-nets should be done if any part shows defects or signs of wear.

Before each use, check the general condition of your net and your installation:

  • Check the strength of your support frame
  • Check the anchorage of fixtures
  • Check the tension and condition of the lacing rope
  • Check that the nodes are fixed and do not move
  • Check your net for damaged or broken meshes

If any of these components have defects or irregularities, do not get on the catamaran net and contact us to replace the component with defects.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams or a professional if you have any doubts about the condition or resistance of your installation.


Your net should only be washed in cold water and without substances that can change its chemical composition and strength.

Stretch recovery over time

Our catamaran net materials have a low elasticity. The knotless braiding of the meshes does, however, lead to a certain elasticity of the custom-made nets.

The elasticity of the nets is generally increased after the first tensioning. Once the net is loaded, the mesh stretches a little more than when it was installed.

For our customers who wish to stretch their nets and thus reduce their elasticity, it is quite simple to take up the tension of the lacing from the starting knot without undoing it and to gradually take up the tension on the whole periphery of the net.

Once the tension has been taken up to the end knot, simply readjust and re-tie the knot while maintaining the tension.


The warranty on our products under normal use is 2 years. Catamaran nets can be caused to age:

  • by repeated / intensive exposure to ultraviolet light
  • by too much permanent load, which can lead to permanent deformation of the net
  • by abrasion/intensive rubbing
  • by reaction to unsuitable chemicals

The komorebi-nets are made to order for our customers and cannot be refunded once the net has been made to order.

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