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The Hammock Floor Net

Catamaran nets customized and adapted for indoor or outdoor use.
A stylish compromise between durability, longevity and light transmission to expand living spaces.
Proven under extreme conditions like strong UV and saltwater exposure.

Add more space to your home with this solution by

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  • Min: 40

  • Min: 41

  • Min: 10Max: 20






mesh: 30
color: white
fixings: no
ropes: no
VAT 20%: included



mesh: 30
color: white
fixings: no
ropes: no
VAT 20%: included

Great transparency for more brightness

Excellent comfort with low elasticity

For indoor and outdoor use

High load and UV resistance

Taylor-made and available with all accessories needed

Production within 10 to 15 days

Product and Use

Our hammock floor net material is light and comfortable to use, and the black nets in particular provide excellent transparency. They all have a very soft and discreet appearance. We recommend the 15mm mesh size for children’s areas, as it will prevent small objects from falling through. It is also suitable for longer naps. However, the dense mesh allows slightly less light to pass through. If you want to let more light into your interior through the mesh, consider the larger 30mm mesh size. This is a traditional catamaran net and the most commonly used size in interior design. It provides the most open and airy feel of the two mesh sizes, while still being comfortable to use.

Preparing a supporting frame

A supporting frame is the foundation of your hammock floor net project and must be properly sized and stable. Many customers choose to make it out of wood, as it is easy and inexpensive to install. However, the frame can also be made of solid concrete or metal structures. Since there is no standard or norm for this product and its use, we recommend consulting with a professional to ensure the correct sizing and installation of the frame and netting for your own safety.
For more information on the supporting frame, please visit our page Instructions.

Installation and tension

To attach your hammock floor net to the frame, you will need closed eyelets (eyebolts, wall eyelets, or similar), which should be placed every 15 cm on the inside of the frame. Each eyelet must be able to withstand a pulling force of at least 200 kg. The recommended maximum load for the hammock floor is 500 kg, regardless of the net size.

Use two independent ropes to connect the hammock floor net to the grommets, and then tension them. The ropes should be laced around the net in a “zig-zag” pattern, and their combined length should be approximately 5 times the circumference of your frame to ensure optimal lacing and tension.

We recommend strongly adding the fasteners when you order the hammock floor net, so that we ensure the optimal anchoring and tensioning.

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The Meshes

We offer two different mesh sizes for our hammock floor nets:

  • The 15mm mesh size provides greater comfort for lying down
  • The 30mm mesh size is more translucent and creates a more immersive floating experience

The Carefree Package

We offer complete sets with everything you need for a successful installation, including:

    • The taylor-made hammock floor net
    • The appropriate number of stainless steel anchors, which meet the load requirements and ensure that the tension ropes cannot be damaged
    • The necessary length of tension ropes, which has minimal elasticity and is ideal for achieving high tension forces and proper installation

What to measure

Please provide us with the inner/clear dimensions of your frame in the designated fields. Once you have confirmed your order with these dimensions, we will begin planning and calculating your hammock floor net. We will adjust the size of your net so that there is an approximate distance of 5 to 10 cm between the net’s bold rope and the frame for lacing and tension. This margin also allows you to adjust the tension of your hammock floor over time.


Technical Details about the Net

Specification Value
Material PA (polyamide) of high tenacity
Colour Black or white
Mesh size and type 15 or 30 mm braided (without knots)
Usage Private, indoor or outdoor
Mesh wire diameter 5 mm
Edge finishing 10 mm diameter bolt rope
Weight per m² 590 g/m²
Breaking strength of a mesh breakage approx. 27 kN
Maximum recommended distributed load Tested load 210 kg/m² with a maximum of 500 kg/net
Norms No norm in France or Europe for this use of net
Delivery time Custome made within 15 days on average

Technical fixing details

Name Value
Description Stainless steel eye screw 80 mm A4
Material Stainless steel A4
Colour stainless steel grey metal
Type of frame Wood at least 8 cm thick
Size 80 mm rod length (screw thread) and 8 mm thread diameter
Pull-out strength 200 kg in force aligned to the rod
Quantities required Every 15 cm on the perimeter of the frame

Technical rope details

Name Value
Description Polyester rope,16 spindle, 10 mm diameter
Material Polyester
Colour Black or white
Diameter 10 mm
Lacing type Double zig-zag
Quantities required 5 times the frame perimeter for double lacing (recommended for safety)

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