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Mezzanine Net in a Lovely Child’s Room

Mezzanine Net in a Child’s Room

One of our customers approached us with this project and wanted to create a very special retreat for his children with the help of a Mezzanine net. Here too, a staircase leads to a higher mezzanine level, which – before the installation of the net – was only partially usable and largely open to the lower level.


The white mezzanine net, which goes very well with the light color of the wooden frame, closes this opening practically but not optically, so that light sources can continue to flood both levels.


An additional wooden beam was inserted to strengthen the frame. However, this is not absolutely necessary for our hammock floors and mezzanine nets, as a very tight tension prevents the nets from sagging. For very large net sizes, we recommend dividing them into several sub-nets in order to guarantee optimal tensioning.


All in all, a beautiful mezzanine net project with a very loving and detailed implementation, of which we unfortunately have far too few photos 😭.


The kids will love it!



Product Details:

Our customer ordered a white 2.40m x 1.70m mezzanine net with 30mm mesh, which was installed horizontally with white, double lacing.




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