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Hammock Floor For Open Stair Gallery

Hammock floor for open stair gallery

This stylish project spans a hammock floor over an open stair gallery. As can be seen in the pictures before the start of the project, the gallery opens the room visually and floods it with light. However, it also takes up a good amount of living space. That’s where the hammock floor comes in and makes the previously partially given-up space usable for the residents without significantly affecting the positive lighting effects of the bright gallery.


It is also easy to see that an additional steel beam has been inserted parallel to the stairs here to allow the net the necessary tension from all four sides. This increases overall safety and guarantees a consistent appearance of the individual meshes, as they are uniformly pulled or tensioned in every direction.


A particularly beautiful accent was also placed on the fastening elements: Red eye bolts were used here.



Product details:

A horizontal hammock floor with 30mm meshes and dimensions of 1.50m x 3.20m was installed, stretched by a white tensioning rope with double lacing.




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