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Hammock Floor Net for a natural Vacation Home

Hammock Floor Net for a Vacation Home


This vacation home is part of a whole holiday farm and exudes a cozy and natural ambiance. The eye-catching feature is the solid oak trunk rising in the middle of the apartment, adding a rustic accent. The walls are partially plastered with clay, creating a warm and pleasant indoor climate.


The rustic crafted lights create a comfortable atmosphere and provide pleasant lighting. The lighting is distributed throughout the apartment via a gallery, above which a large net invites relaxation and daydreaming while enjoying a beautiful view of the sunset or evening sky. All in all, the vacation apartment is a place of tranquility and relaxation, captivating with its natural elements, lovingly designed details, and, above all, its expansive hammock floor net.


A special highlight: due to the varying heights of the frame beams, the fastening elements were rotated 90 degrees on one side and attached below the beam. This ensures that the hammock floor net extends to an almost horizontal level despite the staggered beams.


We are proud to have contributed to the design of this vacation apartment with a hammock floor net.


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Project Details:


A horizontal, black hammock floor net with 15mm mesh and approximate dimensions of 4.50m x 2.20m was installed. It was tensioned with double black lacing as the standard method.



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