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Hammock Floor Over Dining Area

Hammock floor over dining area

For the DIY renovation of an old farmhouse, Laura and her husband decided on a hanging net over the dining area of the kitchen. A horizontal hammock floor offers several advantages in this location:

  • It opens the tendentially flat ceiling of the farmhouse, creating a greater perception of space.
  • In addition, the net allows the incoming daylight of the upper floor to fall through the open ceiling beautifully.
  • Finally, on the upper floor the hammock floor forms the optimal relaxation area without completely separating it from the rest of the action.

We think the integration of a modern living net solution into a traditional farmhouse has been exceptionally well done.


Feel free to see for yourself: @dromlohanfarmhouse



Project details:

A relatively long, white, 30mm mesh net was installed horizontally here with dimensions of approximately 4.10m x 1.30m. A white tensioning rope with double lacing secures everything.




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