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Hammock Floor as Guest Bed

Hammock floor as guest bed

This extremely beautiful hammock floor project uses a horizontal mezzanine nit to generate additional space in a limited apartment size. A simple tubular steel construction forms the framework for this hammock floor and forms the ideal intermediate ceiling (mezzanine) here, which lets the incoming daylight from the glass upper half of the room pass completely into the lower area. And even at night you always have a view of the starry sky through the net from the main bed in the lower area.

Also a vertical net was installed to secure the mezzanine. A clever solution here is the lockable “door” to the ladder, which helps to secure the entire hammock floor project.


Project details:

A white 30mm mesh net with dimensions of approx. 2.2m x 2.2m and white tension rope with a small diameter and point-by-point lacing was installed horizontally, as well as a vertical net of approx. 3.9m x 1m with 50mm meshes, which was attached directly to the hook eyes.


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